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Easy to clean, store and take on your travels, our 300ml Syrup Bottle comes paired with a pump top to give you easier access to your favourite creams, lotions and homemade cosmetic creations.

Capable of taking a standard black cap as well, with our Syrup Bottles you can easily switch between the two to offer your growing aromatherapy and cosmetic collection greater storage and security.

Pick from our single bottles or opt for one of our 42 x 300ml bottle trays…


Glass Bottle

Dimensions: (approx)

Main Body Diameter: 66.6mm

Height with pump: 180.7mm

Height without pump: 150.3mm

Label area: 74.9mm

Please Note: These pumps need to be trimmed diagonally so they rest 1mm from the bottom of the bottle for optimal use.

All Jars & Bottles Are Supplied With Their Respective Lid Or Closure


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