200 ml pumpuflaska

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Beautifully paired with a pump top, our 200ml Syrup Bottles can safely store your choice of oils, creams and lotions, ensuring that they stay fresh and fragrant. Also capable of taking a standard black cap, this choice of toppings can offer you greater freedom when storing your cosmetic creations, enabling you to dabble with a larger diversity of herbs and essences.

Simply choose from our single bottles or our tray of 67 x 200ml bottles, and in no time you can build your own aromatherapy collection.


Glass Bottle

Dimensions: (approx)

Main Body Diameter: 57.9mm

Height with pump: 162.4mm

Height without pump: 132.3mm

Label area: 46.9mm

Please Note: These pumps need to be trimmed diagonally so they rest 1mm from the bottom of the bottle for optimal use.

All Jars & Bottles Are Supplied With Their Respective Lid Or Closure


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