Klósettbursti í steypuskál

7,990 kr.

Klósettbursti úr beyki í steypuskál.

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Toilet brush with cup in concrete and brush in birch and polypropen.
By adding a small addition of polymer (plastic) the concrete becomes elastic and pliable. It´s is not so soft that it can be bent, it’s still a stone material but has a pleasant feeling to it – warm, smooth and comfortable. It contains no environmentally harmful substances. The products are molded by hand in a small foundry outside of Stockholm. The concrete is cast of a relatively viscous mass that causes the surface to receive a varying smoothness and color variations occurs, this contributes to the vibrant impression.
Note that you cannot fill the concrete cup with water and toilet clean and have the brush standing in it. Use the brush with toilet clean, clean the toilet and replace the brush in the concrete cup. Machine Made.

Weight 598 gram
Length 41,5 cm
Diameter 9,7 cm

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Dökkgrár, Grár, Ljósgrár


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